PREORDER Treading Waves

It’s time! We are a month away from the worldwide release of Treading Waves. That means preorders are LIVE!! Go order your copy now!! Here are some links to send you in the right place Amazon Barnes and Noble Or you can order an Autographed copy from my website. The deadline is June 7th!

Here I Am!!

I’ve been away from writing since the end of my book tour. And I’m not sorry. Since beginning the publishing process of Breathing Water in January of 2015 and then immediately following it up by publishing Surface Tension this summer I have been all books all the time. My head is swimming with mermaids. Pun absolutely intended. While … More Here I Am!!

Book Signing Fail

Alternate title: Writing and talking, impossible! One of my most favorite experiences of my entirety on Earth was my 2015 book tour for Breathing Water. I love connecting with people and talking about my work, their work, and spending a little time with strangers discussing books. I’m whatever the super opposite of an introverted is. There is a … More Book Signing Fail

Giveaway Winners!!

Surface Tension is only THREE weeks away form it’s nationwide release on July 17th!! Until then, these two lucky winners get an autographed copy before they can buy it. rhies2 and geekingreen Congratulations!! I’ll be contacting you personally with details. Everyone else, don’t forget you can preorder your copy for delivery to your home or … More Giveaway Winners!!

Surface Tension

There is a secret world filled with tension, if you simply dare to break the surface.   Is it fair to my first book if I say that this one is my favorite? Shhhhhh, don’t tell Breathing Water but I think this one is even better! Nationwide release July 17, 2016

Book 2 Title

I am thrilled to announce the title of Book 2 in The Siren Anthology due out Summer 2016! Surface Tension promises to be a thrilling, emotional, and suspenseful story that will keep you just as captivated as Breathing Water. Stay tuned for the upcoming cover release next month!

Sariah Update

  I wrote a post when Breathing Water was released telling you about my character’s namesake, Sariah. I received so many comments asking for an update that I had to comply. However, I’ve waited because this post will contain SPOILERS!!! Sariah began reading Breathing Water as soon as it was placed in her hands. She is only eight … More Sariah Update