Strawberry Ice Cream Facts

When I worked with teenagers we’d get giant ice cream shakes as a special treat. These were seriously massive, spilling-over-the-top, shakes in every flavor with every possible mix-in imaginable. But these were only on rare occasions when they truly earned something special. Most of the girls got some sort of Snickers, Reeces, or Kit Kat shake giving themselves an … More Strawberry Ice Cream Facts

We All Struggle

Suicide is a topic that has been so taboo for too long and lately it is bursting into the spotlight for some attention to prevention. Good. It’s about time. I’ve never shared my story with more than a couple people because I always felt like people who talk about “the one time I almost killed myself” … More We All Struggle

Feelin’ Fireworks

In high school I worked for the wrestling team as the Stat Manager. (aka Stat-Girl, Mat Maid, and other, more degrading, nick-names) It was not a glorious job. In fact, it was most accurately a lame and mock-tastic kind of after school activity. But to be clear, if I had been allowed to wrestle, that’s … More Feelin’ Fireworks