Pink Hair… Do??? Care.

  Catcalling is a problem I have raged against before. It makes women feel small, in danger, unvalued, and objectified. Being yelled at on the street about how we look–even an under-the-breath muttering of “so beautiful”–is alarming and disgusting. But having pink hair has created the most remarkably unexpected phenomenon. GENUINE COMPLIMENTS! Unheard of, I … More Pink Hair… Do??? Care.

We All Struggle

Suicide is a topic that has been so taboo for too long and lately it is bursting into the spotlight for some attention to prevention. Good. It’s about time. I’ve never shared my story with more than a couple people because I always felt like people who talk about “the one time I almost killed myself” … More We All Struggle

My Very First Friend

Do you remember your first friend? I’m not talking about family members. Obviously they are our longest and dearest friends. I mean that first kid you met, away from the comfort of your kin, that you built your very own relationship? I do. I was recently thinking of my first friend, Anmy Tran. I’ll never forget … More My Very First Friend