Book 3 Title

Without any adu, the title for Book 3 in the Siren Anthology


Treading water is obviously something anyone would have to do if they spend even a few minutes in water! So I always knew I wanted the word Treading to be in one of the titles in the series.

Surprisingly, I already have the title for the fourth book so as I was thinking of titles for this one I knew I had to use treading now or miss my chance!

I also wanted the title signify the heightening of turmoil in the ocean at this point in the series so I ran through a list of words that could signify adversity in the water… Currents, waves, hurricanes, eddies, tides, etc. And I also wanted it to be relatable to real life!

I settled on a title that I felt encapsulated our everyday struggle to maintain balance in a world that is trying to unbalance us.

Hence, Treading Waves.

This book has meant a lot to me to write (but I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming post) I hope it will mean as much to you when you read it!

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