Shout Out to my Girl Scouts


I LOVE the Girl Scouts of America.

They are shaping lives and creating magic. MAGIC! They are making future leaders, teaching love and acceptance, encouraging independence, and changing the MF’ing world!

The GSA is so much more than just cookies.

I was a teeny tiny little Daisy scout and then a tiny little Brownie as a kid. The camps in the summer taught me independence and creativity and the weekly meeting taught me community and responsibility. I can attribute much of my personality to the lessons I learned at such an impressionable time!

And oh man the CRAFTS!! (My favorite part of anything is always crafts!!)

I had an opportunity to work with a troop in Mayfield, NJ because they reached out to the Garden State Rollergirls. As head of public relations for our league it was my responsibility to coordinate with them and create an event. It was a role that I was delighted to fill!

The troop of about 10 eight-year-olds was trying to earn their sportsmanship badge and we were more than happy to oblige.

Over the course of our two hour practice women from the team took turns talking to the little Brownies about how roller derby can

Above all, I really wanted our league to leave an impression on these young girls the way these kind of opportunities shaped me as a child.

The Girl Scouts of America does such amazing work and this visit was no exception. Their leaders encouraged the girls to ask questions and be bold. The girls were enthusiastic and charming. I’m so filled with an internal buzzing of joy when I think about all GSA does for girls and young women and I was so happy to be a part of this moment.

Maybe I need to become a troop leader… I’ll look into that…

What was it for you that really shaped the person you grew up to be? Were any of you Girl Scouts??

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