The Tao of Hair

“Wow, that’s pink!” has been said to me on more than one occasion.

Yes. Yes, it is.

My hair is pink and it fits me. It suits the person I feel I am on the inside. I wish I had been born with pink hair.

But more about that later. Let’s talk about the path my hair has taken.

I have always loved changing my hair. Hair is too wonderful to be taken seriously. What even is the point in having it continually grow if not to fix the mistakes of bad hair experiments!

Anyone that has known me for any length of time knows to expect my hair to be different every time they see me. In fact, with my family living in UT and me way over in NY I only see them about once a year.  I absolutely SHOCKED everyone when my hair was the same two years in a row.

I really feel like I disappointed them.

I have so much fun changing my look, that in a video collage I made for my husband before we got married, it looks like he was dating several different women in that video of the two of us.

Nope, just me!

From our “Save The Date” to our wedding invitations and then the wedding itself, it looks like three different women. Real confusing for Dan’s guests who had never met me.

But it has all resulted in a purpose I didn’t see coming.

Just like any other Tao, this path has lead me to enlightenment. At least where my appearance is concerned.

First, once that pink was on my head I felt like I was myself for the first time ever. This is how I was meant to look. Pink hair on the outside is a perfect example of me on the inside. You are free to interpret and judge that however you want, but it is the truth as I feel it.

Next, my self-consciousness has taken an enlightened turn. No matter what anyone says about “I don’t care what people think” they do. We all do. We care HARD about what people think.

But you can’t really care too much when your hair is pink.

What if I shouldn’t be wearing this dress to this party. Doesn’t really matter, my hair is pink.

What if they don’t think I’m suitable for this job. Doesn’t matter, my hair is pink.

What if I am too old/young/bold/shy/smart/dumb/etc. Doesn’t matter, my hair is pink.

It is such a relief to not care.

Of courseeeeeeee, I often wonder if I’m too old to have pink hair. If I look a fool. Look like trash. Look unprofessional or silly. But in the end, my hair is pink, I did this to myself and I LOVE it for myself. So I’ll just walk around confidently… Cuz it doesn’t matter, my hair is pink.


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