Writing Slump Cure


I wouldn’t say I am really in a writing slump. I’m working on the third book in the Siren Anthology and it’s going well! But the thing is I have a lot of pressure to finish quickly! Plus I’ve been writing about mermaids non-stop since 2009 and I found myself feeling a little bored.

Not that mermaids aren’t wonderful and fascinating and basically my whole world… but in the spirit of honesty that I like to present to you at all times, I’ll tell you… I was feeling tired of the subject. I would gladly write about these mythical water goddesses until my dying day, honest, but I don’t want to write ONLY about them. I was feeling the need for a little variety!

… And then my husband’s birthday rolled around.

The picture above was taken at the New Jersey half marathon where he finished in an impressive 1:33:08.

When he crossed the finish line I gave him a rose I had purchased while waiting. I told him it was because he’s “a pretty lady, too!” and then proceeded to take this picture of him looking like the pretty lady that he is.

My best friend, upon seeing this picture, declared it to be the cover of a romance novel and I needed to write this book.

Challenge. Accepted.

And thus lead to the writing and printing of….


About Dan, a bookish Spaghetti Kitten Wrangler with grand dreams of being a Moon Chaser but having no chance of improving his station in life. Until one day he actually meets a Moon Chaser, Savannah, clad in a pink body suit with an ass for days. She is his connection to get a trial to be a Moon Chaser but everything goes wrong and a year later not only is he still toiling in the hot dusty Spaghetti Kitten Fields but he hasn’t heard from Savannah after that one night.

This story has everything: shark boots, parachute dancing, tree balloons, an HBIC, and a fear boner. 

It’s basically the greatest story ever told. But even BETTER is what it did for my writing mojo.

I got it back.

Taking a break from my usual writing criteria of making sure I write a good book with a solid plot, in depth characters, a flawless timeline (harder than you’d think), detailed imagery, and exceptional entertainment value to write complete nonsense that takes place on a pancake planet was the most fun I’ve ever had writing… And I have a lot of fun writing.

I felt rejuvenate. Slump-free. Motivated.

And it pushed the boundaries of my creativity so that I could truly come up with some other world phenomena to take back under the sea.

So as I turn my brain back to Mermaid-land I am seeing it anew. My imagination has been let loose! I am evaluating things outside the confines of the “rules of writing appropriate teenage literature” and am finding that having fun will benefit not just the writing drudgery but can create something truly enjoyable to read.

I’m wondering how this can apply not only to other writers but other professions and activities. A challenge I give everyone to take upon themselves. How can we view the thing we do every day in a new light? How can we bring some creativity and outside the box thinking to say, teaching, nursing, politics, or finance? Going to the store, making dinner, washing our cars, or interacting with friends? Probably not as loosely or as easily as I can with writing but it could be fun!

I think trying to wrangle some Spaghetti Kittens could do us all a bit of good for whatever kind of slump we’re in… But don’t listen to me, that sounds like the fantasies of a Moon Chaser.


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