An Open Letter of Gratitude


To the table of men sitting outside the pizza place while my 12 year old and I were walking home,

Thank you!

Thank you so much for telling me I was America’s next top model. I’m truly flattered by your outburst of attention. I really appreciate it so much because I was able to turn to my visibly uncomfortably 12 year old and have a great little chat as we continued to walk home. I got to explain to her that she is finally old enough to get to be sexually objectified her whole life. Such a momentous occasion for her!

Because you took the time to tell me I was “fucking beautiful” you opened the door to a conversation! I got to tell a twelve year old about her body and how the world will view it and need to comment on it. For the rest of her life!!

I want to specifically thank the man who just let out a series of strange guttural noises that I can only attribute to being so in tune with his primitive nature. You provided excellent examples as my lesson turned to talk about genuine compliments and how to spot them.

Above all, I want to thank these men for keeping me at the top of my game! The twisted feeling she had in her stomach at such a pivotal time in her developing life made me spring into action. Without you I would surely have allowed her to continue on in her naïveté and innocence.

And then where would she be?!!

This little girl would just be walking around like a little girl on her way home from gymnastics! How foolish.

Thank you for not letting that happen. Thank you for making sure she knows at an early age that she cannot wear what she wants, do her hair how she wants, or act as she wants without a man commenting on it.

Because that would be crazy.

A million thanks,


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