Here I Am!!

I’ve been away from writing since the end of my book tour.

And I’m not sorry.

Since beginning the publishing process of Breathing Water in January of 2015 and then immediately following it up by publishing Surface Tension this summer I have been all books all the time. My head is swimming with mermaids. Pun absolutely intended.

While I was still on my book tour for Surface Tension at the end of August I was getting emails from fans and friends telling me they want to read the third book right now!!

You guys…

I love the love.

I appreciate the joy you’re finding in my stories!! But like… oh my… I can’t write any faster and I can’t write two books at once.

But seriously, thanks for the love!!

AND…. with that being said, I needed a tiny break from writing. And it’s been delightful.

So what have I been doing?

  1. Dying my hair pink


A decision I think I’ll write it’s own blog post about because (as strange as it sounds) the pink hair really changed my life. At least the way I view life anyway.

2.  Playing roller derby in a tutu.


I’ve explained before how roller derby is such a force for good in my life. It’s great to be able to lose myself in the sport and I hope to be able to make MORE time for it next year.

3. Getting a tattoo from an amazing artist.


It was kind of an accomplishment tattoo. I did the thing. I wrote the book. Wherever it goes from here I can be proud that I did it.

4. Throwing a killer Halloween Party.


Is this just a picture of me and not the party? Yes. I’m allowed. But also, these.

Halloween just might be my favorite event. And I do it hard. Although I’m having serious regret about my “future” room that portrayed a horrible outcome in which Trump became president. It was supposed to be a scary impossibility and not forecasting horrors to come.

5. And lastly, I’ve spent some time painting.


I’m not good. I don’t know what I’m doing. I have no skill or talent. But man, I love doing it. It calms me and motivates me to do other projects. Being creative is important for my mental health.

It has been wonderful to enjoy the other things I do in my life and get away from mermaids and writing for a bit. But don’t worry! Mermaids are still coming.

To answer everyone’s questions and update my fans and friends: I have book 3 completely story-boarded and have begun writing. I’m still in the very beginning of the process but you won’t have to wait a George R. R. Martin amount of time for it!

I promise!!

However… for just a little bit longer… I’m going to continue not writing and continue enjoying other things because…



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