Surface Tension Book Tour

2016 Surface Tension Book Tour Recap

And by recap I mean me going omg omg omg I can’t believe I got to do this magical thing for a second time and that I’ve published TWO books!!

This post will be long, it will be full of pictures, I don’t apologize!

Columbus, OH

I started the tour at The Book Loft is Columbus, OH where I started last year’s book tour! The Book Loft is a wonderful little local store and always so welcoming! The signing was a raging success and such an excellent way to start my trip (as always!)


I like this store for it’s community feeling and I always enjoy chatting the locals about books. Whether people like mermaids, buy my books, or are completely uninterested in either thing, I still like chatting with everyone I meet in each city.

Afterwards I got to see one of my dear friends, Rain, whom I haven’t seen since she was a bridesmaid in my wedding in 2013. It was a loooooooong overdue visit.


Although the water bottle is the focus of this picture, I assure you, my celebration cocktail and fabulous company took center of this dinner. One of my favorite parts of doing my book tour is seeing all my friends scattered across the country along the way.

Rogers, AR

Rogers is one of my most favorite places along the tour (I know, right?!!!) The people there are so friendly and they love to chat! It was a raging successful signing where at one point I had a line several people deep.

OMG, little ol’ me!

I also got to see another one of my longtime friends and huge supporters and take another picture with her girls! These two aren’t the only ones that, by the time the whole series is out, we’ll get to compare photos and see them grow along with my books.

Look at those little nuggets! I can’t wait to see all the pictures lined up in a few years!!

Houston, TX

Day 1

Houston, if you look at the map, is really far out of the way from the rest of my tour and a lot of people asked why I took such a detour…. In the flooding rain…

My former colleague and dear friend invited me to do one of my al time favorite things and I couldn’t say no!


I was invited to speak at Fulshear Treatment to Transition. A residential treatment and independent living program for young adult women. I love this part. I LOVE speaking to groups about making plans and overcoming fears. This is how much I love it.

The best part is speaking to the women afterwards, one on one, to talk to them about their struggles. I honestly hope to be able to motivate them but they always motivate me without fail.

Afterwards I got to go to lunch with MORE friends I hadn’t seen in years and then my road-trip-buddy Kay and I strapped on our skates to get some exercise at the local skating rink. It was just about the most perfect day I could ever plan out!


Day 2

The next day Kay and I put our skates back on for a super humid romp around an outdoor skate park. I was super nervous to me a 33 year old lady out on her skates trying to be cool with all the teenage skateboarders.

I’m not cool. Never have been. My mom thinks I’m cool though.

It was so fun.

Who knew! I still wasn’t cool and I probably looked like a baby giraffe learning to walk but it was great and by the end I was even working on my jumping skills. So cool….

That evening I had a signing at an adorable little independent book store. River Oaks Bookstore may be a quiet little store but they know hospitality. They served cookies and tea and coffee and wine during the signing. That’s a classy establishment IMO!

It was a very slow, sleepy little area so Kay and I had time to get a little silly… and get a little wine…

Albuquerque, NM

I had never been to New Mexico before so this was a fun addition to the States Savannah Has Experienced adventure.

Albuquerque was bursting with wonderful people and I had a great time talking to every single one of them!


For my Breathing Water book tour I was wearing this pink dress in Rogers, AR on this day in 2015. I remember being so overcome with emotion that day that I had done it. I wrote and published a book. My oldest dream! I was a little tearful thinking about how exciting it was for me.

This second book has been more pressure for me. It HAS to do as well as the first one. I HAVE to ramp up my… well… everything. I’ve been so stressed this year trying to push myself to the next level that I had kind of lost sight of how great it all was.


I wore this pink dress again to remind myself that still…. I did the thing. again.

And that’s pretty bad ass. again.


*But also I lost that little white belt and I love it so much I’m so angry with myself!!*

Henderson, NV

When I spoke to the coordinator to arrange this signing I told them that last year I sold out in about an hour so maybe they should order more books for this year’s signing. I don’t know if this was a good idea or a horrible disaster on my part.

They came through for me. Ordering so many books the mountain almost made me cry from the pressure to sell them all. I spent a few minutes just looking at the table and fretting about how I was going to sell them all, then I grabbed a couple baskets and hid the extra under the table.


Out of sight. Out of mind.

With my table freed up for peace of mind, I set about to have a great signing and meet more wonderful people!

One of the people I met was another author! Jason Vitug was also on his book tour and just happened to be stopping by B&N that day. It was great to chat with him about writing and publishing and the rewards and challenges that come along with them. He was super nice and fascinating. If you need help with personal finance (um… hello, me!) check out his book You Only Live Once!

St. George, UT

I love coming home!! In Utah I get to see all my friends and family and I probably don’t do a very good job of selling books because I’m so focused on chatting with everyone!

But look how great they all are!

There are also a bunch of young readers in St. George that, in a few years, I’ll have photos of them growing up with my books. It’s very exciting!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake is always so bittersweet for me. This is another city that is home to me and I love coming here so much. But signing in SLC means that the tour is over. Such a fun and special time for me has come to a close.


Until the next book.

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