Coloring Contest


At the book launch party for Surface Tension I set up a coloring table. I thought it would be fun. A casual option for entertainment. I had no idea what this little activity would turn into.

It was a huge success…to say the very least.

It looked like everyone was taking the freaking S.A.T.’s.


For three hours these colorers sat in near silence while a party raged around them. So determined and focused were they to color Carmen, the Serra heroine of Surface Tension.

Coloring turned out to be the highlight of the party. Not that I’m complaining. Sitting down to a blank page and filling it with color is one of my favorite relaxation strategies. Maybe I should just throw a coloring party next time.

You can color her too!!

Enter the coloring contest (open to ALL ages) and show me what you think a Serra should look like!

I can’t wait to see.


*This beautiful mermaid is courtesy of the brilliantly talented Brittany Freese Hire her. For real.*

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