My Very First Friend

5th Grade Class Photo

Do you remember your first friend? I’m not talking about family members. Obviously they are our longest and dearest friends. I mean that first kid you met, away from the comfort of your kin, that you built your very own relationship?

I do.

I was recently thinking of my first friend, Anmy Tran. I’ll never forget her name or how we used to bring stuffed animals to kindergarten and sit them on our desks next to each other so that they could be friends, too.

I think that very first friend is really important. 

That’s the first person who wasn’t raised in the same way, with the same rules and values. It’s someone who pushes the bounds of our thinking. That first friend helps change the world from what was learned at home and teaches us all how to get along with others without mom’s constant reminders to “share” and “be nice”.

I know a lot of kids went to day care or pre-school so they met their first friend at a much younger age and possibly there was some other adult to remind them how to get along. But for me, kindergarten was my first experience with this phenomenon (outside of church, of course, but those are a whole different set of lessons) and I forged my own relationship with this other little girl and learned how to be a friend with her.

I have found myself thinking of her these past TWENTY-EIGHT years.

We didn’t remain friends as we grew up even though we were in the same high school until we graduated as Seniors, but that didn’t really matter. People change as they grow and we didn’t grow in the same direction. But the things  I learned with her in kindergarten are lessons I’ll never forget and she’s a person I’ll always value.

And that’s pretty special.

Who was your first friend? When did you meet? Are you still friends today? I want to hear all about it and I’m feeling really nostalgic so come get emotional with me.

5 thoughts on “My Very First Friend

  1. Wow, My first best friend was in Rose Park. I do not remember her name at the moment. We were toddlers and always together at her house or mine.  My next best friend was Iris about 3rd grade. Went to her house after school many times. My next best friend is Mona. We met in High School art class. We still make contact mostly by Facebook.

    Thanks for stirring up the neat memories. Love yaMarie   ====================================== Plaid Apple Ranch Apple Blossom Lane Apple Valley UTAH


  2. She probably wasn’t my very first friend, but one of my earliest friends was Stefanie. She lived down the street from me, was a grade below me in school, and was awesome. We’d do things at her house that we couldn’t do at mine (like watch the Simpsons). We enjoyed dancing to Ace of Bass and playing Wheel of Fortune on the computer. As we got a bit older, she and I were our go to ‘plus one’ friend on family camping trips. I loved going with her family because they had a boat so we could go tubing together on various lakes. I moved away in 5th grade, and I got back in touch with her on a visit in 9th grade. We found each other on Facebook a few years back, and will occasionally tag the other in really old pictures. She’s a nurse in Denver nowadays.

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  3. My first friend was Tara Daniels! Our sisters were friends first. I remember my sister telling my mom that Connie’s little sister was the same age as me, I wanted to go meet her so bad. Ericka took me with her and I can remember thinking it was so awesome that we shared the same name. I do not recall much of the first interaction except that it was pre-kindergarten and we stayed at their house after dark because I was so scared, and then the firetrucks blared their damn sirens…I cried like a baby! haha. I haven’t talked to her in years but, like you, I think of her often. She was and still is a person I admire and will forever hold a place in my heart for. (and I was always jealous of her and Jasmin and their sister-like friendship!)

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