Marry a Funny Man

After telling a joke that fell flat while we were dating, I told my now-husband that he “needed to be funnier if he wanted to keep me around.”

It is clear by the fact that I just referred to him as my husband that he succeeded.

I didn’t grow up in a funny house and as a teenager I always found myself drawn to my friend Jenny’s home. That place was a riot! It seemed like every single person who lived there was a stand up comic or wildy sarcastic. As her older siblings started dating and getting married they all attracted such funny and entertaining people. I vowed that I, too, would marry someone hilarious.

I failed, initially.

My first husband was nice enough, and fun enough, but he wasn’t funny. There is a difference. Someone can have a good time without BEING a good time. Which means that my practical jokes weren’t well received and I had to work hard to turn ordinary activities into enjoyable memories.

Fast forward ten years and I’m now married to this guy.

Utah 2011 (12)The man who pulls my hair at JUST the right second to capture this magical moment.

That same night he ATE the love note I wrote him because he ‘wanted my love not inside him.’

With Dan in my life the fun times are funnier and the hard times aren’t so hard.  He does silly dances in the house–usually naked–to make me laugh. He brings back wonderful memories with perfectly timed inside jokes. Dan makes sure that I don’t forget what is important in life; ensuring that no matter how stressed I am, he will help me find the humor.

He’s silly–often stupid in his attempts to make me laugh–but it works.

So that’s why I say marry a funny man. It’s really what we all need. Someone entertaining, who can make us laugh through the troubles.

Every once in a while he tells a really good joke that makes me laugh and laugh; then he asks me, “Will that keep me around a little longer?”

It sure will.

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