Last Chance for a First Edition


No author has ever published a perfect first edition. Not even the greatest authors are typo-free in the beginning. I hear rumor that in the first edition of Harry Potter, Ron’s name was wrong in a couple of spots. Not trying to be slanderous or scandalous, I’m just trying to say that this is good news for me.

I, too, have mistakes in my First Edition. It’s hard to believe, I know.

However, I can’t live with these imperfections! Ew. It makes me cringe just thinking about page 97 when I wrote filing instead of filling. Or the “her her” repeat that slipped through line editing. Again, ew!

But now the errors have been fixed, the imperfect made as close to perfect as possible. The Second Edition is NOW on the shelves and in your eReaders!!

What does that mean for the First Editions, you ask?

It means they are quirky collectors’ items, of course. And with fewer than 500 copies printed they are sure to be a hot item in a couple years when Breathing Water makes it big!

Did you miss your chance to buy a First Edition? Do you want to buy another one to seal in plastic and wait until it’s worth millions?? Do you want one last chance to buy this now-rare item?

You’re in luck. I have just 9 hardback left in my personal stock–I’ve completely sold out of paperback–and once these 9 are gone, so is the quirk.

Email me to get a signed First Edition while my supplies last!!

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