Goals: Baby-Step Edition


Going into this self-publishing business I was warned that it’s a hard thing to do. Obviously. But what’s more, I was warned that this is an easy road to publishing a giant flopperoo.

The statistics say that most self-published books don’t sell more than 175 copies.

That’s it. One hundred seventy-five books means your family and friends and possibly some of their family and friends bought your book. Generally a self-published book doesn’t travel more than two degrees of separation from the author.

That’s not nearly far enough to reach Kevin Bacon!

So I had a goal. One tiny baby-step of a goal.

Sell more than 175 copies.

This, obviously, is comprised of the smaller goal of getting it into the hands of people I don’t know or who my friends or family don’t know. That is surprisingly harder to achieve than one might think.

My friends and family bought my books. And to them I can never be thankful enough. They helped get Breathing Water off the ground! And many of them bought a copy for a friend or told a friend about it. Yes!! That’s my two degrees, excellent.

Then I needed strangers.

I was able to achieve this when I did the Hester Street Fair where all of my customers that day were formerly unknown to me. A tiny miracle in itself.


And now, on August 12th, exactly one month after the launch of my book I have news. I am pleased as punch to tell you that I have sold 180 copies.

180! In a month!! I feel a warm tingling all over.

It may not be much but I’ve already beaten the odds.

Goal (baby-step edition) achieved!

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