If You Write It, They Will Read It

As I’ve said before, I’ve been working on Breathing Water for six years. That’s longer than I’ve done most things. Definitely my longest job… and my longest relationship… It’s been my imagination-baby and dear to my heart for half a dozen years! On July 12, 2015 it was finally released! My baby is out in the world living on it’s own. It doesn’t need me taking care of and codling it anymore. Breathing Water is all grown up. Exciting! Since the very beginning I have been motivated by making my story come to life and be REAL. To be held in hands, taken to the beach, read in bed, and loved. But in the chaos of writing and publishing I forgot about all of that. I forgot that if I write it, they will read it.

Courtesy of @jynfin on Instagram

This pic showed up on my Instagram dashboard and I spent a surreal moment thinking, “Hey I wrote that!” That is the book I have being thinking about and the cover I have been looking at for years. They aren’t just mine anymore. It’s out in the world for other people to love too! Pause to let it sink in. I’ve been dying for readers to meet these characters and love them like I do. I wrote an underwater world hoping strangers would want to dive into the ocean to try to find it. Having others read my imagination-baby was the point of writing it. And now they are. I’m not afraid to admit that I am blown away, I’m excited, and I am humbled by it all. I wrote it. I want you to read it. I hope you love it!

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