The Church of Running

Church of Running

This is a post I wrote in 2011. It is my most popular and, for me, most powerful. I’ll never take for granted the things running has done to improve my life. It will always be my most uplifting resource. 

This evening I laced up my scriptures, put my hymns in my ears and headed off to worship. This has been my religion since 2008 during a harrowing time when I needed to find faith. I was baptized during a grueling 3 day ceremony in the mountains of Utah. I’ve worshiped in various locations and at varied intensity. At times I was so zealous I partook of the sacrament on a daily basis. At other times my faith was faltering and I visited its holy grounds once every few months. But time and again I rededicate myself to my religious devotion.

Today I decided to explore a new church building and I was rewarded with a profound spiritual experience.

I took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge and began services with a prayer. I gave my invocation by reaching up to heaven, and then humbly lowered my hands the ground. With knees bent and arms folded I prayed for my safety. I ended my prayer by evoking the strength within me and I began my worship.

While at church I saw other disciples assiduously involved in worship. Many were so involved in their prayer they had no awareness for those surrounding them. Others made a point to acknowledge members studying with them and sharing their gospel. Warm pleasantries were shared with a nod or smile. Everyone took comfort in knowing the other was there with a common belief and a higher purpose in mind.

This Temple was filled with the spirit of the devoted bearing their testimony. I stood up, enlightened and empowered with the burning in my bosom, and contributed to the congregation. I gave witness to my firm conviction in this doctrine by bearing my soul to the parishioners. While deep in prayer I felt the presence of a higher power and felt absolution. This was a rite of passage. I had my bat mitzvah.

I gave my benediction in similar fashion to how I began. Then I sat, legs folded, contrite, grateful for the blessings I have of health and happiness. Thankful for the experience. I felt redemption.


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