Living on The Verge of Happiness


For those times when you’re feeling on the verge of happiness but can’t seem to step over it.

  1. Place The Verge on the floor.
  2. Stand behind The Verge.
  3. Step one foot over The Verge
  4. Step the second foot over The Verge
  5. Fully enjoy happiness.

Repeat as needed, any time, day or night.

I made this for my mother for Christmas 2011 because I felt like she was always so close to happiness; right on the cusp of fully embracing it but never allowing happiness to happen. Many times things were going so well for her BUT…


Then a few months ago she told me not only does she see The Verge sitting on the shelf as a reminder–as I intended because I thought it would serve more as a metaphor–but that she actually uses it. She literally puts it on the floor when she’s feeling like she’s holding herself back and she steps over it; physically and mentally allowing herself to be happy.

Now, I always thought I was exceedingly clever for making her this little device but never realized how much I could use one myself. I can’t even comprehend the frequency in which I hold myself back from truly enjoying happiness. Maybe I get it from my mom?

Fear, “not getting my hopes up”, worry, and trying to be reasonable are all things I use as excuses to hold back. It’s almost as if I’m trying not to allow myself to take that step over The Verge and bask in carefree happiness. What will happen if I truly let go? If I fully experience joy unihibited? Why is that scary?

I have so many amazing things coming up in the near future. I’m meeting some pretty exciting writing, derby, work, athletic, and life goals this year. How pathetic will that be for me to accomplish so much that I’ve been working towards–many taking YEARS to accomplish–and never allow myself to enjoy it?

I need to remember to step over The Verge and enjoy my life to the fullest. There is no need to stand on the other side of it, letting worry and fear hinder happiness.

I’m going to go for it. I’m going to take the step. I’m counting on all of you to help me!

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