I Can’t Stay Away

I quit blogging last year because I had to focus on publishing my book… hem hem… books… but from the moment I finished crying about no longer blogging, I missed my blog. You guys! I LOVE blogging. I love the creative outlet, I love sharing my thoughts, I love having a place to practice telling stories, and I love connecting with strangers over the internet. It’s all such an important part of what gives me life.

Pathetic? Maybe.

Do I care? Absolutely not!

If you love something, even if you don’t have as much time for it as you’d wish, just do it. Right, Nike?

I also want a platform to keep my audience updated with the latest news about publication. People ask me in anxious anticipation all the time, “WHEN do I get to read about Mermaids? It’s all I’ve ever wanted.” So here it is, the place that will be as informed as I am about my latest publication release.

And so, I welcome you, or welcome you back, to reading all the nonsense I deem important enough to put on the internet. I hope you enjoy!


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