Book 3 Title

Without any adu, the title for Book 3 in the Siren Anthology Treading water is obviously something anyone would have to do if they spend even a few minutes in water! So I always knew I wanted the word Treading to be in one of the titles in the series. Surprisingly, I already have the … More Book 3 Title

Pink Hair… Do??? Care.

  Catcalling is a problem I have raged against before. It makes women feel small, in danger, unvalued, and objectified. Being yelled at on the street about how we look–even an under-the-breath muttering of “so beautiful”–is alarming and disgusting. But having pink hair has created the most remarkably unexpected phenomenon. GENUINE COMPLIMENTS! Unheard of, I … More Pink Hair… Do??? Care.

Book 3 Update

If you follow me on Instagram (If you don’t, why? I made you a hyperlink. I did the hard work) you’ll have already seen THIS amazing post. I know, right!!! I am so tickled to announce (and I’m not even ticklish) that Book Three in the Siren Anthology will for sure be published, in your hands in hardback, … More Book 3 Update

The Tao of Hair

“Wow, that’s pink!” has been said to me on more than one occasion. Yes. Yes, it is. My hair is pink and it fits me. It suits the person I feel I am on the inside. I wish I had been born with pink hair. But more about that later. Let’s talk about the path … More The Tao of Hair

Everybody Poops

I want to write my own children’s book… Ok the truth is I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and have several ideas and will get around to that writing adventure eventually. But what I mean is I just had a new idea and I want to write a book about how everybody … More Everybody Poops

Book 3 Update

I’ll keep this short and sweet but give you the good you keep asking about. I am plugging away at book 3 in the Siren Anthology. I am MONTHS ahead of schedule. And I have to say, I think this is my favorite story yet. Though I do have past-book-blindness… I think whatever story I’m … More Book 3 Update